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Natural Burial

Natural Burial Grounds are cemeteries managed along ecologically

sound principles to create informal, nature rich sites. They are

places full of natural life and offer an ideal environment for

peaceful reflection.


In Leicestershire Natural Burials are facilitated at two sites, one at

Prestwold, near to Loughborough and the other at Scraptoft, just

east of Leicester. Visitors are welcome at anytime and can enjoy

the peace and tranquility and also the developing wildlife habitats.

The sites also provide a time and place for reflection bringing comfort to relatives now and in the future as they visit the resting

places of their loved ones.


If you would like any further information, or to pre-purchase a

space at one of the burial grounds, visit

The Bamboo Eco Coffin


Environmentally friendly bamboo coffin.

Finished with natural cotton liner and

bamboo headrest.

The Willow Eco Coffin


Environmentally friendly willow coffin.

Finished with natural coffin liner and

bamboo headrest.





The Bamboo Lattice Eco Coffin


Environmentally friendly bamboo coffin

with lattice effect. Finished with natural

cotton liner and bamboo headrest.