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Further Information

When a loved one passes away there are many decisions to be made at a time of much personal distress. The following information is intended to help during the initial stages of bereavement.

If death occurs at home :

If a death occurs at home and the deceased has been attended by their doctor during the 14 days preceding their death, the first contact should be with the family doctor. The doctor will attend as soon as possible (or the ‘on-call’ doctor if the death occurs outside normal surgery hours) and if satisfied with the cause of death after a medical examination, will issue a medical certificate of the cause of death, which can normally be collected from the surgery by the family. Once the doctor has completed his visit to the house, you can call us and we will arrange a suitable time, day or night, to come to your home.

If death occurs at hospital or in a nursing home :

If a death occurs at hospital or in a nursing home the staff will make the necessary arrangements for a doctor to issue a medical certificate of the cause of death and will advise you when this may be collected. Please let staff know if cremation is planned so that the necessary documentation can be completed.

Sudden deaths :

When a death occurs unexpectedly the usual procedure is for the police to be involved and they will arrange for a doctor to attend the scene. They  will then inform the Coroner who will either ask you who your chosen funeral director is, or to arrange for a contracted funeral director to attend. No doctor will issue a medical certificate of the cause of death and the Coroner will send all relevant paperwork directly to the Registrar’s Office.

Registering the death :

A death must normally be registered with the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths within five days. If the death has been referred to the Coroner, it cannot be registered until the Registrar has received authority from the Coroner to do so. You will need to make an appointment with the Registrar’s Office in the district in which the death occurred (see below for addresses). The Registrar will require the medical certificate of the cause of death, the deceased’s birth certificate, medical card and if applicable marriage certificate. The Registrar will also need to know the deceased’s date and place of birth and death, first name, surname and maiden name if applicable, their usual address and occupation and the name and occupation of their spouse and their date of birth if applicable. You will also need to provide any book or document relating to a pension or allowance paid to the deceased from public funds. The Registrar who registers the death will issue a green certificate for burial or cremation unless the Coroner has given an order for burial or a certificate for cremation, in both cases these should be given to us so the funeral can take place.


Local Registrar’s

Leicester Registrar                                                  Telephone : 0116 454 1000

Town Hall

Town Hall Square                                                   Monday to Friday 9:30am - 4:00pm




Leicestershire Registrar                                         Telephone : 0116 305 6565

County Hall

Leicester Road                                                          Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm





Arranging the funeral

Although it is important to register a death as soon as possible, it can be helpful to contact the funeral director at an early stage, in order that a provisional booking can be made at the cemetery or crematorium. This is particularly so at busy periods such as in the winter months or after bank holiday weekends. When the death has been registered - or before if the coroners department is involved - we will then discuss the family's wishes for the funeral and make the necessary arrangements, advising on the service, choice of coffin and other related matters. This is usually done at our office but a home visit can be arranged if preferred.

Visiting a loved one

We will always make every effort to give our families the chance to visit and spend time with their loved ones before the day of the funeral. The feelings associated with visiting a loved one in our chapels of rest are very personal and can be affected by the circumstances leading up to a person’s death. Whatever you decide we can assure you that we are taking the very greatest care of your relative.

Floral tributes

These may be arranged through our own florist from our brochure or direct with your local florist who will normally deliver to ourselves on the day of the funeral. On request we are able to compile a list of the names on the tribute cards or alternatively we can collect the cards after the funeral to give back to the family.


If donations are requested in lieu of flowers we can accept and list these on your behalf and request that the chosen charity acknowledges safe receipt of all monies sent.


A press notice is the most traditional way of informing people of the date and time of a funeral, as well as giving family and friends the chance to say how they feel about losing someone special to them. If required we will gladly give assistance with the compilation and insertion of obituaries and acknowledgements in local and national newspapers.

Service sheets

We are able to print personalised orders of service with readings and hymns and can also include photos of the deceased. Many people like to keep the service sheets afterwards as a keepsake or may send them to those who were not able to attend.


At the stressful time of bereavement, catering for family and friends of the deceased can be another exhausting task. We can relieve this burden by arranging catering for you by our highly recommended caterers either at your home or other function.